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Hexiao Culture

Hexiao Culture

Meaning of the word Hexiao

A spring emerges from a small stream, hence the water down the mountain is called “spring” instead of “water”. The spring leaves the mountain and flows into the infinite sea: an “outcome" it is. Turning and winding, the spring gets stronger and merges with other streams: a “growth” it is” it is. A gentleman’s success in action comes from courage and decisiveness, while his virtue comes from self-discipline. Courage and decisiveness may cause reckless crisis, while self-discipline leads to rules that forms the virtue of the god. --"I Ching(The Book of Change)" Chapter 1

Hexiao Mission:

To build efficient communications and sufficient trust between respectable brands and franchise investors

Hexiao Vision

To become the most trustworthy brand franchise expansion and management expert in China

Hexiao Business Concepts

Integrity, Professionism, Cooperation and Win-win

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If the franchisee investors are interested in the brands, please press the button of “Online Application”, after fill in the application form, take the online evaluation test. Only the candidates who passed the test can submit his/her application. We will contact you as soon as possible upon receiving your application materials.

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